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      RCD Safety Switching Services

      Providing RCD Safety Switching Services in Whangārei & Northland, New Zealand for over 25 years!

      RCD safety switches are the ones that offer you the best protection. And we are the professionals that provide you with top-class RCD safety switching services. And before having an illustration on our services, let us have a look at what RCD is and some other factors too.

      An RCD is a life-saving equipment that prevents you from having a deadly shock if anything you touch is live like bare wire.

      Also, it offers some best protection against sometimes fatal electrical fires. It even provides a personal protection level that normal circuit breakers or fuses can’t give you.

      A Residual Current Device consistently measures the precise amount of current flowing via wire in a single direction and again via distinct wire in the reversed order. If RCD detects a difference less in some cases or more than 300 mA, it results in the breakdown of the circuit while stopping the electricity flow.

      Moreover, if the current is missing, it implies any leakage in the installation of the wire. And if such a current leaks via people’s bodies, it may result in potentially dangerous electrocution. So, in all, RCDs safeguard people.

      A Residual Current Device or RCD functions by analyzing the wiring in any premises if there’s any leakage in electrical current. Also, RCDs refer to the safety switches and only fully insured and licensed electricians can install them. Thus, turn your head towards our efficient safest RCD switching services.

      It is important to choose insured and licensed services regarding RCD switching because if the RCD safety switch fails and the electrician is at the faulty end, you are covered.

      Also, if the electrician is not insured or licensed and may not be covered under their insurance policy, it may cost you a lot. Thus, our services are more than happy to show you copies of our licenses and insurances as we believe in maintaining ultimate transparency with our clients.

      A verified and tested RCD is preferred when it comes to the safety of people or workers. Also, RCD testing is performed by professionals that ensure that there are no faults in your RCDs. Also, you can bank on RCDs when you need them the most.
      Now, have a look at more advantages of RCD testing:
      • Cost-Effective
      • Compliance with Safety Standards
      • Early Fault Detection

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      And RCD safety works slowly with time, and it is essential to note that it should be working in the best condition

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      It is important to ensure that your RCD always works in proper condition. Therefore, before starting our professional work at your premises, we first test the RCD for all people’s safety.

      Also, please note that the installation cost may vary, and thus, if you are in any doubt, contact us for a free quote for a greater degree of protection.

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