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      Reliable Microwave Testing Services

      Providing Microwave Testing Services in Whangārei & Northland, New Zealand for over 25 years !

      Microwave ovens are considered space-age technology. They are commonly used in cafeterias, restaurants, lounges, snack bars, homes, and kitchen bars. Microwaves can leak over time and can leak radiation that is hazardous for your staff and workspace. Often users are worried about hazardous dangers that can cause due to harmful radiation leakage. For this, you need someone who can look after radiation leakage and inspect any internal or external damage. Professional testers at Certus Test and Tag Services can help test your microwave oven to ensure your safety.

      If you are looking for a microwave testing, then we are more than glad to help you out in this hassle. Let’s dig more about our services and why we are best in our services.

      • Endurance Test
      • Mechanical Strength
      • Moisture Resistance
      • Transient over-voltages
      • Power Input and Current
      • Stability and Mechanical Hazards
      • Heating or Temperature Rise Test
      • Protection against access to live parts
      • Overload Protection of Transformers
      • Leakage current and Electric Strength

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      Our professionals know every detail as to how to handle such a crucial testing technique.

      The expert team members working in our friendly microwave laboratory have the essential knowledge and experience in the analysis, testing, and designing of microwave components for all the microwave technologies including microstrip, rectangular waveguide, coaxial, MMIC, and more.

      Our microwave laboratory offers every significant service that is needed for fulfilling the demanding quality requirements of this high-reliability, competitive market.

      Well, the kudos to our:

      A. Environment-friendly Testing Facilities
      B. Knowing the whereabouts of our microwave testing professionals.
      C. Best measurement and test equipment
      D. Adept assembly and packaging capability.

      So, if you are still not convinced, you should give us a try. Because without using any service you cannot predict anything. You can also call us to consult about testing services. Our experts are knowledgeable to give you the right information. Keeping the safety of home is important, one step of ensuring it is to keep electrical appliances like microwaves tested. If there is any damage found in your microwave, we get it inspected immediately. Do not risk your life and your family’s life by neglecting electrical testing.

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      Thus as a reliable service supplier, our more than dedicated professionals ensure to offer top-notch testing of microwave and its components. We even offer cost-effective microwave testing that doesn’t hurt your wallet.

      Without any second thought in your mind, call right away to know what problem your microwave is facing and thus, not allowing you to make your favorite dishes. Prevention is better than cure, thus advance testing can protect you from hazardous damage.

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