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      Fire Extinguisher Testing

      Providing Fire Extinguisher Testing in Whangārei & Northland, New Zealand for over 25 years!

      When it comes to fire extinguisher testing, firstly, know the details about fire extinguishers. It refers to an active device of fire protection often used in emergencies for controlling or extinguishing small fires.

      And to vanish off such emergency circumstances, we are here 24/7 with our top-class services to protect you from it. Our fire extinguisher testing services are nothing short of preciseness as our professionals keep an eye on every detail to give you the ultimate safety.

      Before using a fire extinguisher tester, it’s significant to know the locations along with understanding the types of extinguishers in your workplace or your home. So, our expert testing team keeps the knowledge of everything.

      Benefits of Choosing Us

      We are proficient in testing both types of fire extinguishers that are cartridge-operated and stored pressure extinguishers. Considering every fire type, including Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class K fire, we know the expertise on how to offer the best fire extinguisher testing service to our clients.

      Also, with the help of portable fire extinguishers which is lifesaving equipment, we make sure that it operates whenever anyone requires it the most.

      Moreover, with the help of ITM protocols, i.e., proper inspection, testing, and maintenance, fire extinguishers can be durable, more reliable, and can combat small fires at an early stage. Thus, we ensure following such protocols.

      Hydrostatic Testing Procedures

      A hydrostatic fire extinguisher test always starts with an external and internal examination of the extinguisher, which our professionals always take care of our experts even know how to handle permanent shifting, distortions, and leakage of couplings when the cylinder fails in performing the hydrostatic test.

      Also, we make you known the details of our professionals testing the fire extinguishing process, including:

      The date of the fire extinguisher test
      The name of the professional performing the test.
      The accurate pressure details at which the test is performed.

      Also, we promise to provide you with people who are experienced in hydrostatic testing because it can be highly dangerous if not done rightly.
      Thus, a person performing this test must be certified, trained, and have the right facility and equipment for performing the test.

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      Why Choose Us ?

      In our services, ITM is detailed out into different sections where you get information on what should be done.

      In this section, all the (Procedures) are mentioned; next, you will know which candidate is allowed to perform the work according to the Qualifications. Also, our professionals know that each step should be done how many times (frequency), and in (Recordkeeping) we know how to document the work for better testing performance.

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      Since there are various types of fire extinguishers, we are the ones that use different types of fire extinguisher testing procedures.

      We are also available for you with our quality services with monthly and yearly inspections to test fire extinguishers fixed at your home, school premises, office buildings, hospitals, and at many more places.

      We even offer the best testing at cost-effective prices that will not cost your fortune. So, to know more details to book a free appointment with us, call us today.

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