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      Appliance Testing Protect Your Business And Home

      Providing Appliance Testing Services in Whangārei & Northland, New Zealand for over 25 years!

      As a business owner, your responsibility to ensure no one is put at risk- and maintaining electrical equipment and installations falls under the safety category. All appliances and electronics deteriorate with age, which is why they require to be tested and inspected on a daily basis to make sure they are best fit for purpose, and not putting anyone’s life in danger, keeping your employees and business safe.

      Here at Certus Test and Tag Services, we know electrical safety in the organization can be tricky to comply with, which is why we offer top-notch testing services. Delivered by certified experts to the highest standard, we will ensure your appliances and electrical meet their legal needs. Now, lets know why we are best known for delivering testing services of electrical appliances

      • Every single one of our professionals is fully accredited and qualified to conform to the updated regulations.
      • Our costing is transparent, we know that calculating the number of appliances can have you calculated, so our company’s pricing model depends on the size of our business.
      • Our detailed inspection reports contain every inspected item and mention all the failures.
      • We also provide certificates of compliance so that you can show your standards.
      • Our work is professional, and 100% warranted, and we are insured with public liability all around engineers.
      • Our expert professionals are available round the clock to help with any emergency issues.

      Appliance Testing

      Four Of The Best Benefits Of Appliance Testing

      1. Appliance tests reduce the chances of an appliance catching fire.
      2. It also ensures electrical appliances offered to tenants in rental properties are safe.
      3. It also reduces the probability of a fire in the workplace.
      4. Regular tests can save you a lot of money.

      You will not be able to see this benefit before getting it done; however, regular appliance tests save your money long-term and are more affordable than an appliance maintenance contractor. Electrical testing and tagging safeguard your business or home from any fire hazards by detecting any damage in appliances. Checking the condition of electrical appliances reduces the likelihood of dangers that can cause big damage and risk the safety of people.

      Thus, you need a reliable company who can come and test all your electrical appliances and give you peace of mind. We are the best in your area; with trained professionals, top-notch tools, we know how to get the work done in the best way possible.

      Without any further ado, give us a call and see how fast we respond to your query. Get your appliances tested today to protect your house and business from foreseen damage.

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