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    One Stop Solution For Test And Tag Services

    Since the efficiency and functionality of your business or home highly rely on electrical tools and equipment

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    One Stop Solution For Test And Tag Services.

    Since the efficiency and functionality of your business or home highly rely on electrical tools and equipment, you should ensure they are functioning right at all times. Just like other equipment and tools you have in your company or home, the quality of electrical tools also diminishes with the passage of time. The risk is that they work via electricity, so if they do not work or have issues, there are severe risks involved.

    This is where you need to hire a test and tag company to test and tag your electrical tools. This process should be done every 6 months or yearly. This ensures home or company space safety. To make sure your tools are intact properly, you need to seek the help of professionals.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Testing And Tagging ?

    Maintaining a Safe Work Environment

    The inspection process in test and tag service is all about testing all electrical tools and appliances utilized in a workplace—checking will assist find the tools or appliance’s working condition if they are functioning correctly without any symptom of electrical issues malfunctioning. To think about employees’ safety, it is essential to check the safety of electrical appliances available in the office.

    Who will do this job carefully? Of course, you need a team of professional test and tag experts to inspect and get the report. A professional company likes to follow government rules and regulations while performing the job.

    Reduce the Risks of Penalties

    It is one of the significant advantages of hiring us as your test and tag company. We never fail in our tasks; we develop the right and high-quality tools and experts to carry out the inspection task without failing it.

    Our expert will adhere to the needed standard and start the following tests on each electrical tool;

    • Visual examination
    • Earth continuity
    • Polarity check
    • Insulation resistance
    • Earth leakage

    At Certus Test And Tag, we have experts in the field of test and tag. We ensure the integrity and professionalism of our team of technicians to guarantee you receive a satisfying service.

    How Long Does The Inspection Take?

    It mainly depends on the electronic items; the process of inspection will typically take around a few minutes. Each tool is comprehensively checked before the test and tag being implemented. Also, all tools need to go through various inspections before the declared pass. Our experts conduct these processes as efficiently as possible to ensure no alteration and disruption of the organization’s daily activities.

    Keep an eye on the state of your electrical appliances and machines available in the office. It is one of the best steps you can take to ensure safe working conditions at your workplace. For this purpose only, and you need professional test and tag services to assist with checking the performance and condition of all electronic devices.

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