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Certus Test and Tag
Test & Tag Services in Tauranga
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Certus Test and Tag
A comprehensive Electrical Test & Tag Service Provider
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Looking for a quality and affordable Test & Tag service ?

Reliable And Prompt Test and Tag Services

At Certus Test And Tag, we use the latest and quality technologies to test electricity safety at the workplace or household appliances you use every day. We are here to keep your environment and workplace electrically safe.

If you are managing a commercial business, you need a test and tag service. Your test and tag service can be a significant aspect of your working safety programs and ensure the working within the realms of the law. There are considerable penalties in a place of wonders that fail to maintain a safe electrically safe workplace.

Trained & Professional Technicians

We at Certus Test and Tag are commited to offer appliance safety solutions by delivering the top quality service excellence. We have excellence certificate For delivering exceptional test and tag services in your region.

Excellence Certificate

We have certified trained & professional Technicians for test and tagging. We ensure that our electrical technicians are updated and trained regularly and are well familiaf with the current safety and health procedures.

Latest tecnologies

We use latest technologies for the inspection of electrical appliances at your workplace or resident. Your safety is our topmost priority.

Tauranga Leading Test and Tag Provider

What Can You Expect From Us ?

We’re on a mission to become the first software company in Aotearoa to have 100 service vehicles on the field.

We will provide you with :

⦁ A prompt, safe, and efficient service.

⦁ Safety testing and inspection of single-phase as well as three-phase appliances.

⦁ Offer Test reports that contain a note of all equipment with the test results.

⦁ A tag system and color codes find the frequency of testing and inspection, the date of the test and the retest date, the name of the result, and the tester.

⦁ Our fully auditable system ensures that every test has a verifiable result. Each tag is coded uniquely for identification.

⦁ Additionally, we send a quick reminder for when your next test and tag is due to keep you updated and compliant…

We Provide Our Services To


We Test & Tag Electrical Tools. Ensure Your Tools Are Safe To Use





Ece centers & tertiary education providers


Work from home setups

Construction sites & tradie tools


Aged care facilities

What Is Test And Tag ?

Test and tag refer to the process of visually checking each electrical appliance for the safety of people. A team of professional technicians usually conducts it to offer apt results. Once the items get inspected by experts and declared safe, they go ahead to test the appliance’s earthing and polarity to ensure that all the electrical components are secure. Test and tag process is conducted to adhere to the state’s regulations and rules.

Portable appliances, like power tools, are often used by office employees and are prone to cause harm and accidents. In most countries, these portable appliances and devices can cause injury and should be inspected regularly to ensure they are safe for any operation.


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We Test & Tag Electrical Tools. Ensure Your Tools Are Safe To Use

What Equipment Need Examining In My Workplace ?

All electrical devices and appliances developed for connection via a cord and a plug of 240v to 450v volt power must be tested and inspected in all workplaces, whether large or small. Hiring a professional inspection tag and test team ensures no appliance gets damaged during the inspection process.

Since all industrial companies and businesses depend on electrical appliances today, they need to ensure that it works safely and economically. You can accomplish this only by having an expert test and tag company examine each electrical tool used to run its business. So, we are someone you can trust for all your electrical appliances inspections. Give us a call and get everything tested right away!